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New Moon in August Journal

New Moon Image

We are entering what is often referred to as the “Dog Days” of the summer. The image this brings to mind for me comes from years of living with my mother as she raised her rescue dogs, and then became intrigued with breeding brown poodles (an genetically unstable color which came about through selective breeding). Her dogs, while not larges, turned into throw rugs all over the house when the sun hit its zenith, and the humidity was high. They preferred the kitchen and bathroom floors for coolness, and their position was emphasizing as much contact with the ceramic tiles as possible. Often they would scatter themselves around the water dish, as if it was entirely too much trouble to walk more than a step or two to quench their thirst. As a kid, I thought nothing of falling to the floor next to them and enjoying the comfort available in our old, unconditioned house.  [Read more …]