1 February 2021- Imbolc

This is the time of year that is considered by those in the northern hemisphere as the transition time between winter and spring. In Minnesota where I live, it is still cold and snowy and yet the sun is stronger (when we see it), the days are slowly growing longer, and the promise of warmer weather pulls us out of our deep winter rest and dreams toward the flicker of activating energy in the earth and within us. We see the tiny signs all around, and can feel ourselves awakening to new life in the world.

Like most of us, I am homebound as we enter our second year of this pandemic. I am biding my time working from home (I am one of the fortunate who can), filling my time with zoom rooms, books, movies, experimentative cooking, and taking free classes online. This at one time would have seemed like a gift to introverts like myself, but after almost a year of the experience, I know that most of us long to get out of houses, enjoy being with our friends and family in person rather than through screens, and have the opportunity to explore the world through travel and embodied reality, not simply the pictures and sounds that travel through digital channels.

We know there is a path into this future, although it may take time. For now, I am exploring tiny corners of my yard and neighborhood. Tracks in the snow tell me that we have squirrels, rabbits, and an enormous amount of winged creatures sharing this space. I make sure to fill the birdfeeders, and occasionally to scatter treats for the four legged, and I admire the lovely paths they leave in the fresh cover of snow.

What are the signs in your path? What are you able to take time to notice and take pleasure in during this pause we find ourselves in the midst of? What evidence of time passing and the seasons turning are available for you to include in your daily routine?