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April 2019 Full Moon

Such wonderful promise outside my windows, and inside my heart as well. After several years of taking a break from teaching through Beltane Studio, I am re-opening the door and offering classes again. It has been a time of retreat after the closing of Evenstar Bookstore and Sacred Paths Center. I have continued reading tarot for my loyal clients, and playing with lots of ideas for what and how I might be interested in teaching going forward. The world is a different place than it was back in the late 1970s when I first began reading tarot and teaching. There were fewer books available, and of course no internet. And the topics that I was interested in exploring were considered “spooky” and something on the fringe of ordinary lives.

But this is decades later, many of us have come to be more comfortable with the multiplicity of energies and experiences open to us, and understand that there are more ways of knowing and interacting with the world than just our intellect and rational selves. Drawn to mysteries, to the mythic and archetypal layers of how we process our experiences, I have continued to study, and to play in these realms always following my own interests through new and ancient ideas. Now, I am most interested in pursuing not simply the answers, but the questions that lead into new territories and toward intersections of ideas and action. 

I am developing a schedule of classes again, tarot, creativity, writing, arts, and delving into our own lives to find the treasures hidden that could inform us of our path, purpose, and meaning. I am following my own whims – being of a “certain age” and knowing that I have things I want to do, and limited time to get to them – and I invite you to join me if any of these adventures call to you. I intend to break out materials, throw my studio door open, and hope for kindred souls and like minds to gather with me.