11 February 2021 – New Moon

There’s a cosmic dance happening in right now astrologers tell us, and the new moon in Aquarius is kicking it with five other planets (Sun, Mercury,  Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn). That’s a lot of activity in one part of the solar system. While astrologers all have their own perspective and thoughts about what this might portend, most agree that it is a great time to explore new directions, paths, or projects, and set intentions regarding them. Excellent, although I am reminded of something Henry David Thoreau said:  “. . . beware of all enterprises that require new clothes . . .” On the other hand,  let’s get real about what we are all wearing these days.  I could probably use a new tee shirt and pair of jeans after a year of no shopping!

This timing for beginnings is perfect for me as I have been sorting out how to reboot Beltane Studio in a form that works for our current situation an aiming it into a future that is still an unknown glimmer. As I sort through what has worked well in the past, what I am called to do right now, and what seems reasonable as we move into this unknowable future, I am guided by a quote from Arthur Ashe.

   Arthur Ashe, in case you are not familiar with him, was the first black tennis player selected to play on the US Davis Cup Team, and was the only black man to win  singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open. And the Australian Open. I happened to see Arthur Ashe practice because the Davis Cup was played at a new tennis stadium built at my Jr. High school (Roxboro Jr. High School in Cleveland Heights, Ohio in 1970. I was in eighth grade, and thrilled to see this ground breaking athlete (although I was not that interested in tennis specifically) – and he signed the cover of my French textbook (I may still have it somewhere in my bookshelves).

  So – this hero of mine once said “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” And this has been one of my go to mottos. In thinking about it today, I am thinking that this could be a useful three card spread to throw down when I am up against uncertainty and looking for the next step. Just like any three card spread (body, mind, spirit or past, present, future – etc.) there is a lovely concise precision available in three simple cards. I for one am enjoying the “be here now” mindfulness of this tail end of winter, pandemic – seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (or at least hearing about it), and dreaming of the coming spring. What are you seeding for your future?

Note – I actually had to look up the information about Arthur Ashe while remembering the general story, I began to wonder if I had it correct – after all, what was the deal with my Jr. High school hosting a national tennis event? But it was indeed true!