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Full Moon in Capricorn – July 2019

Just after writing about my “Journey into Mystery” I have had a potential opportunity arise in my life. I am not going to go into details, as it is only potential, and I have no idea of how it is likely to pan out, but it has raised the stakes. I had framed my journey as an interior, psychological, and spiritual journey. This opportunity may take my journey into changes that include the physical world, and some leaps of faith that I have not entertained recently in my life.

It feels good to be challenged to think outside of my normal, familiar life. It feels exciting, but also scary. It is so easy to assume that next week, next month, next year I will be living a life relatively similar to what I live now. But there are always things that can interfere with that assumption, and that future. One is I could make choices, and take actions now that alter my current trajectory.  There are also unexpected changes that the world could offer me – some lovely and enticing, and some more terrifying and difficult to accept. Several of my friends are going through this second kind of change – physical illnesses (either their own or loved ones), job changes (wanted or not), loss of loved ones, housing challenges, and even things as seemingly simple as ageing pets. All of these can take a toll on us as the shifts and rearrangements in our lives force us to shift and change as well. 

But, as the old joke reminds us, life is hard, but not as hard as the alternative. Transitions, transformations, redefinitions, all are a regular part of our life, or if they are not, we have to ask ourselves, are we truly living? Living is not standing in a doorway, it is a constant passing through various kinds of doorways, letting ourselves be uncomfortable, and even in pain (physical/emotional/spiritual) sometimes as we move further and further from where we started, and closer to our inevitable end. 

The journey itself is our destination, and how we engage in it is our choice. I am hopeful that the changes promised by my possibilities are rewarding and bring me growth and centering. But even if these specific possibilities do not happen, I know that I have called out to the universe that I am open to change, and I am trying to accept how the universe answers – both the easy and the hard.