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Full Moon in Scorpio – May 2019

It is mid-May and full moon, and the weather report has frost warnings. I haul inside the plants that have been waiting for me to plant, feeling fortunate that several days of rain have caused me to procrastinate. It is so easy to forget, even in these modern days of cars and hot water from the tap, we are still so connected to this natural world through weather. Gardening is a lesson in what we can control, and what we cannot. We come face to face with our interdependency with the physical world, and it is a useful reminder that although we are humans, capable of astounding thought and creativity, we also live in animal bodies irrevocably tied to this earth, this solar system, the sun, the moon, and the stars that fill our skies. We have both rights and responsibilities as part of this ecosystem.

After such a long winter, I am enjoying the sense of slowly waking up again to the sensual world, to the aliveness of my body, and to a renewed conversation with the plants and creatures of this land I inhabit. This week, my apple trees are in blossom, the daylilies are starting to fill out, and soon I will be planting my roses, coneflowers, and hollyhocks, and able to sit outside and enjoy the scents of mint and basil. I hope that you have a chance to spend time soaking up sun, or moonlight, and re-establishing your place in this amazing