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New Moon 2 July 2019

Journey into Mystery

My first tarot deck was from my mother. Always a shrewd bargain hunter, she had bought both the Marseilles deck and a hardbound book by Eden Gray on heavy discount. I was thrilled when I unwrapped the gift, and I proceeded to do “readings” for anyone who would sit still. I would shuffle, and carefully layout the cards in a Celtic cross (after choosing a significator card based on the archaic  descriptions in the back of the book) and read out loud the meaning for each card. I was twelve years old. My friends were tolerant, my mother was appalled. “I didn’t mean for you to take them seriously!” she told me.

Seven years later, after finding teachers, and much more study, I began to read occasionally for money. My mother, a practical Capricorn at heart, nodded admiringly when I explained how her gift had begun to make money. And at the end of her days, helping me do inventory in the metaphysical bookstore I co-owned, she had a grudging respect for my unusual interests and hobbies.

It takes courage for many of us to pick up the tarot deck, or astrology book. Our culture squirms at exploration of mysteries beyond the traditional Judeo-Christian path, and even treading that path should be restrained, pragmatic, and preferably done in private. Artists, dreamers, and metaphysical adventurers are often lumped together with other societal fringe groups, and ignored until it is too inconvenient to continue.

The past two decades have brought technological changes the afford an opportunity for greater community for many on the fringes. Better access to information, the ability for small, niche interest groups to form and communicate across the world, and many more book distribution channels have allowed so many communities to flourish. 

We are lucky to be living when so many once secret and hidden ideas and traditions are coming out into the open. But a Mystery – even revealed in a surface manner – is still a mystery. And the awe that I, as a young girl, felt as I unraveled the deeper meaning of the tarot deck is still unique and individual to me, at that time, in that experience. Little did I know that I was embarking on a lifelong journey that has me and the direction of my life ever since.

There is still Mystery for all of us to engage with in both the cyber world, and especially in this physical world. All we have to do is open ourselves up to it, and be willing to transform in the face of the unknown, and the unexplainable. Blessings on you own journey with Mystery, however you find your way into it, and wherever it takes you.