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October New Moon 2019

Wow! I had so much fun presenting at the Women and Spirituality conference in Rochester, MN. I was there for the weekend, and had the chance to meet up with people from all over the area, and to attend other presentations about a wide variety of topics. But the most. Fun, I thought, was presenting my own workshop on Personal Journaling and the Tarot. I got to open us a space and time for 20 plus participants to play and invent, create and document their own interactions with tarot cards, imagery, and energies. In the space of 1 and 1/2 hours, we talked about personal journaling ( and most of us in the room were dedicated journalese, so this was a fun conversation) tarot structure, archetypes, images and uses. 
Materials were laid out for everyone to explore a bit, and between the tarot decks thatI had brought, and the decks that many of the others had (some just bought new in the conference venders’s room), there were more than enough tarot decks to go around. I had also made small blank books so we all had a journal to start working in immediately. I also shared a spread of art supplies for our first activity. After quite contemplation of the archetype of the High Priestess (often considered to be the “patron saint” of Tarot readers), all of used a blank tarot card and created a version of their High Priestess, or Wise Self with stickers, washi tape and markers of all sorts. Then, propping these cards up in front of us, we wrote quickly, in stream of consciousness style, what our Wise Self had to say to us. It is always remarkable to me how white we can be when we write without thinking, editing, or censoring ourselves.

The next exercise we moved onto had to do with drawing cards randomly to inform us about ourselves in that moment and place using this spread:

And the last activity that we had time for (after sharing after each exercise) was to frame questions, 2 of which we answered by drawing cards face down from our decks, the 3rd and 4th we answered by turning the cards face up, and choosing cards intentionally, either through the meanings (if we knew them) and/or responding to the images on the individual cards, and then writing more about these answers in our journals.

My secret wish is _________________________ (draw a card randomly to finish this sentence, name the card and then write a sentence or two about what it means to you).

My fear is ____________________________________ (draw a card randomly and finish the sentence).

My goal is ____________________________________ (with the cards facing up, choose a card to use to finish this sentence. Choose by meaning, if you wish, or use an unfamiliar deck, and choose solely by the image and what you read from it).

My superpower is ____________________________ (again, choose a card from the deck with the cards facing you. Use it and what it says to you to finish this sentence for yourself).

Play around with these ideas if you wish, and watch for the new classes that I am currently developing to use tarot in connection with journaling, writing, and other creative activities.