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September Full Moon 2019

I am just beginning my 51st year of studying Tarot! I find myself alternating between feeling really old (but, I did start when I was 12) and feeling awed that there is enough depth to the cards, symbols and history to keep me interested for a half a century. I also feel so fortunate to be living during a renaissance of interest in archetypes, divination systems, and symbology, as well as the opportunities for research available now in the age of the Internet. Currently there are many people doing remarkable writing (both scholarly and personal) about tarot and tarot related topics, and much of it is to be found in reasonably priced books, or again, on the Internet in the form of blogs, YouTube videos and websites.

On top of the information, new decks are being designed, produced, and written about faster than most of us can buy them. Lucky us! While I am trying to be conservative in my choices, I am certainly finding myself taking advantage of all of these new options.

I am also redesigning my own classes on Tarot that I first created in 1979 with Loui Pieper, owner of Evenstar Bookstore in the Twin Cities. She and I taught together for many, many years. But, 2019 Is a very different time than 1979, and so I am updating the structure and delivery of this material. Right now I am offering beta sessions of these new classes in a new structure, for small groups at my studio in St. Paul. I invite you to join me as I sort out what works, and have the opportunity to dive back into sharing what I have learned on this 50 year journey.

Check out the class schedule at me website, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.